Lava Bridge Part 1 (Entrance Chamber) Edit



A grand entrance chamber leading to an elevated platform ripe for a a major battle. Note: there are two more parts that make up the entire Lava Bridge Encounter Area.

This set was introduced as part of the Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter Project that was funded on July 11, 2017 and began shipping in June 2018.

Part Count SKU Image
LED Fire Pot 2 AC-504
LED Angled Torch 8 AC-506
Gargoyle Corner Pillar 2 AC-516
Vaulted Wall 12 AV-501
Vaulted Wall w/ LED Socket 2 AV-503
Vaulted Corner 2 AV-508
Vaulted Dungeon Floor 12 AV-516
1x2 Dungeon Floor 2 AV-518
1x1 Dungeon Floor 2 AV-519
4x4 Dungeon Floor 1 AV-520
8x8 Dungeon Floor 1 AV-521
LED Socket Floor 2 AV-522
2x4 Grand Vaulted Wall (magnetic) 2 AV-525
1x4 Dungeon Floor 2 AV-527
Vaulted Double Door Frame 1 DR-507
Wooden Double Doors 1 DR-508
Eldritch Sanctum Double Doors 1 DR-511
LED Serpent Wall Orb 8 ET-513
12" Elevation Platform & Lid 1 EV-501
Dais Straight 4 EV-502
Dungeon Elevation Block 3 EV-512
Dais 2x1 Platform 1 EV-519
Epic Stairs Right Curve 1 EV-520
Epic Stairs Left Curve 1 EV-521
Stair Jack 1 EV-522
Classic Dungeon 1x1 Wall 4 K1-503
Classic Dungeon LED Curved Corner 2 K1-508
Total 81

There are 81 total pieces of 27 styles or shapes.

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