Lava Bridge Part 3 (Grand Chambers) Edit



A large series of raised chambers full of arcane secrets and tricks. Note: there are two more parts that make up the entire Lava Bridge Encounter Area.

This set was introduced as part of the Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter Project that was funded on July 11, 2017 and began shipping in June 2018.

Part Count SKU Image
KS4 Lattice Trapdoor 1 4-DR-004
LED Angled Torch 6 AC-506
Gargoyle Corner Pillar 4 AC-516
Serpentine Corner Pillar 4 AC-517
Vaulted Wall 7 AV-501
Vaulted Wall w/ LED Socket 2 AV-503
Vaulted Diagonal Wall 2 AV-504
Vaulted Open Arch Wall 1 AV-507
Vaulted Corner 6 AV-508
Vaulted Large Curve 2 AV-512
Vaulted Lrg Curve Ins Wall (Mag) 2 AV-514
LED Socket Alcove 2 AV-515
Vaulted Dungeon Floor 5 AV-516
2x2 Trapdoor Floor 1 AV-517
1x2 Dungeon Floor 4 AV-518
1x1 Dungeon Floor 3 AV-519
4x4 Dungeon Floor 2 AV-520
8x8 Dungeon Floor 1 AV-521
Diagonal Backfill 2 AV-523
Vaulted Door Frame 4 DR-501
Vaulted Door Corner 2 DR-503
Ancient Door 2 DR-504
Narrow Ancient Door 2 DR-505
Warded Door 2 DR-512
Plinth Arch (Magnetic) 1 DR-513
Forsaken Temple Floor 2 ET-512
LED Serpent Wall Orb 6 ET-513
12" Elevation Platform & Lid 2 EV-501
Dungeon Elevation Block 1 EV-512
Dungeon Ramp 2 EV-513
Stair Jack 1 EV-522
Bars Insert 1 IN-502
Classic Dung Wall w/LED Socket 2 K1-502
Classic Dungeon 1x1 Wall 7 K1-503
Classic Dungeon 1x1 Corner 7 K1-504
Classic Freestanding Corner (Mag) 1 K1-505
Classic Dungeon Wall 1 K1-506
Classic Dungeon Corner 3 K1-507
Passage Wall 4 PS-501
2x4 Breached Wall 1 RU-506
Magnetic Wall Lever 2 TR-501
Magnetic Wall Glyph 1 TR-514
Total 114

There are 114 total pieces of 42 styles or shapes.

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