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Dwarven Forge "Dwarvenite" terrain organized by theme.

Themes, or Product Lines, Produced in Dwarvenite:

What is Dwarvenite? Edit

Dwarvenite is a non-toxic, PVC based material, specially compounded to hold precise detail, take paint well, and withstand a serious beating. About the same density as resin, Dwarvenite has a wonderful, tactile feel. And the pieces look great.

Original Dwarvenite Game Tiles were thrown off a 10-story tower, and then run over with a truck – and there was no damage. Dwarvenite will stand up to almost anything

The Production Line Edit

Dwarvenite is cast in steel molds.

Tooling Molds

Tooling, or making, a Steel Mold

Disassembled Steel Molds

A Disassembled Steel Mold

Assembled Steel Molds

An Assembled Steel Mold

Chamber of Sorrows Mold

Chamber of Sorrows Mold


Inside a Cavern Floor Steel Mold

Parts are cast in a single production run, since set-up time for placing the mold onto the casting machine, and ramp-up time are significant. As each cast is released, it is cooled in water, and then placed into a metal brace so it sets properly.  

Casting Machine

A Casting Machine

Setting Parts in Water

Cooling Parts in Water

Piles of Pieces
More Piecesl

As the parts are cast, they are delivered to the painters,who hand paint them in steps (initial wash, drybrush, light drybrush, final details). Then they are packaged up for shipment.

Hand Painting

Painting one color at a time


Some Finished Pieces


Packaged for Shipping

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