Master Maze Treasures and Magic Item Set Edit

Treasure and Magic Items


23 Pieces

Piece Number SKU Image
Chest, large, with Removable Lid 1
Chest, medium, with Removalbe Lid 1
Coins, Pile, Copper, Large 1
Coins, Pile, Copper, Small 1
Coins, Pile, Gold, Large 1
Coins, Pile, Gold, Small 1
Coins, Pile, Silver, Large 1
Coins, Pile, Silver, Small 1
Coins, Stack, Copper 1
Coins, Stack, Gold 1
Coins, Stack, Silver 1
Greek Vase, Group 1
Greek, Vase, Large 1
Greek Vase, Small 1
Axe, Double-Bladed with Gem, Magical 1
Helm, Amphibian, Magical 1
Plate Mail Armor, Magical 1
Quiver of Arrows, Gem-Encrusted, Magical 1
Scroll Pile 1
Scroll 1
Shield, Gem Encrusted, "Scudo", Magical 1
Sword & Scabbard with Gem, Magical 1
Tome, Magical, with Jewel 1
Total 23

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