Master Maze Realm of the Ancients Treasure Set Edit

Resin Realm of the Ancients Treasure Set


Shpping Weight:

Number of Pieces: 22

Piece Number SKU Image
Bed, Ancient 1
Book, Ancient 1
Chair, Ancient 1
Chariot, Ancient (with turning wheels) 1
Horn, Ancient 1
Pile, Large, Silver Coins 1
Pile, Medium, Gold Coins 1
Pile, Medium, Silver Coins 1
Pile, Small, Copper Coins 1
Scroll, Flat 2
Scroll, Pile 1
Stack, Gold Bars 1
Statue, Ancient 1
Statue, Cat 1
Urn, Jackal 3
Urn, Falcon 3
Urn, King 1
Total 22

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