Individual Pieces Edit

Piece SKU Original Price Image
Set of 4 Corner Walls A $12.00
A - Right Angle Corner Wall Pieces
Weapons and Armor AMR, IND-AMR $10.00
IND-AMR Weapons and Armor
Set of 4 - 2" Walls B $12.00
B Set of 4 Straight Walls
Set of 2 Long Walls B3 $15.00
B3 - 6 inch long walls
Set of 5 (Dark Colored) Barrels BA $10.00
Set of 5 Barrels
Set of 2 Beds with Animal Skin Covers BD, IND-BD $10.00
Set of Six Benches BN, IND-BN $10.00
Code BN - box - Set of Six Bences
Straight Wall with 2 Lit Torches and 2 Unlit Torches BT $8.00
BT box Torch Wall with 2 lit and 2 unlit Torches
2" x 2" Floor Tiles, Set of 5 C, C-block $12.00
Code C - box plus - 5 - 2x2 Flor Tiles
C - 2x2 Floor Pieces
Set of 6 Free Standing Torch Holders (Lit) CD, IND-CD $10.00
Code CD - box plus - Set of 6 torch stands
Set of 6 Chairs CH, IND-CH $10.00
Set of 3 Chests CHE, IND-CHE
IND-CHE 3 chests box
Crates and Barrels (Set of 3 (Light) Barrels & Crate Stack) CR, IND-CR $10.00
L-Shaped Passage E $8.00
E - L-Shaped Passage Piece
T-Shaped Passage F $10.00
F - T-Shaped Passage Piece
Four-Way Passage Piece G $12.00
Code G - box - Four-Way Passage Piece
Coin Stacks & Piles GP, IND-GP $12.00
IND-GP Coin Stacks and Piles
Set of 3 Grain Sack Piles GR $10.00
Code GR - Box - Grain Sack Piles x3
Greek Vases GRK, IND-GRK $10.00
Swinging Door H $10.00
H Swinging Door - from MM-002B
Bow ties (Set of 50) I, I-block
Half Size Bow Ties (Set of 100) I/2, I/2-block
Ice Stalagmite ICHST
ICH-ST Detail Ice Stalagmite
Diagonal Walls, Set of 4 J, J-DIAG, DWA-J $12.00
J Set of 4 diagonal walls
Curved Passageway L $8.00
L - Curved Passageway from MM-006B No Bow
Upper and Lower Stairs M&N $10.00
MandN Set of upper and lower stairs
Mermaid Fountain MF $12.00
MF Mermaid Fountain
MF - Mermaid Fountain from MM-011B No Bow
Set of 8 Red Pillars P, P-block $15.00
P Set of 8 Red Pillars box
P Red pillars
Raisable Portcullis Q $10.00
Q Raisable Portcullis
Set of Assorted Sacks & Chest SA $10.00
Code SA - box plus - Set of Sacks-Chests
Scrolls & Tome SCR, IND-SCR $10.00
IND-SCR Scrolls and Tome
Swiveling Secret Door SD $10.00
SD box Swiveling Secret Door
SD Secret Door from MM-001 No Bow
Spiral Stair SP, SP-block $10.00
Code SP - box plus - Spiral Stair
SP - Spiral Stair from MM-011B No Bow
Set of 4 Curved Walls S-CURV, S $12.00
S-CURV Set of 4 Curved Walls
S - Curved Corner No Bow
Set of 2 Tables TB, IND-TB $10.00
Set of Urns and Pots UR, IND-UR $10.00
Set of 8 Pedestals W, MMW $8.00
W Pedestals
Floor Tile, 4 " (4" x 6") X $8.00
Code X 4x6 floor tile
X 4x6 Floor from MM-006B No Bow
Floor Tile, 6" (6" x 6") X2, X2-block $10.00
X2 Floor tile 6x6
Floor Tile, 6" (set of 6) (6" x 6") X-2/6, DWA-X2/6
Set of 6 Stalagmites CA-A $12.00
CA-A Stalagmite
Curved Cavern Corner Piece CA-C $12.00
Curved, Cavern, Corner Conversion CA-CC $12.00
Complex Cavern Corner CA-M $12.00
Set of 8 Small Water Tubs CA-O $12.00
CA-O small water tubs
Twisted Cavern Conversion Piece CA-S, MMCA-S $12.00
CA-S - box plus - Twisted Cavern Conversion Piece
CA-S Twisted Cavern Conversion
Straight Wall Cavern Piece CA-T $12.00
CA-T Straight Cavern Wall
Dead End, Cavern Piece CA-U $12.00
CA-U-Dead End
Set of 8 Small, Flat, Cavern Rocks CA-X3 $10.00
CA-X3 Set of 8 Small flat cavern rocks
Set of 4 Medium Flat Cavern Rocks CA-X4 $10.00
CA-X4 box 4 Medium Cavern Rocks
CA-X4 Medium Flat Cavern Rock
Cavern Floor Piece CA-X5 $10.00
CA-X5 Cavern floor
CA-X5 Cavern Floor
Set of 4 Short, Straight Narrow Passage Pieces NA-D $15.00
Set of 2 Narrow Swinging Doors NA-DR $12.00
NA-DR - box plus - Set of 2 Narrow Doors
Set of 2 Narrow, Right Angle, Passage Pieces NA-E $10.00
Code NA-E Box Narrow Right Angle Passages x2
Set of 2 Narrow, T-Shaped, Passage Pieces NA-F $10.00
Code NA-F Box and Piece - Narrow T-Shaped Passages x2
Set of 2 Narrow, 4-Way, Passage Pieces NA-G $10.00
Set of 2 Narrow to Wide Passage Conversion Pieces NA-V $12.00
2 Narrow Dead Ends 017-A2 $8.00
017-A2 Narrow Dead End Passage
6" Long Passage 017-D3 $10.00
017B-D3 6 inch long passage no bow
017-D3 - 6 inch long passage
Set of 4 Wide Dead Ends 017-D4 $12.00
017-D4 box Set of 4 Wide Dead Ends
017-D4 - Wide Dead End
Set of 10 Extenders 017-EXT $15.00
Set of 4 Half Corners 017-HC $12.00
Set of 4 Half Walls 017-HW $12.00
017-HW - Half Walls
Set of 4 Alcoves 017-S2 $12.00
017-S2 Set of 4 Alcoves
Set of 2 Short Passages with Pits 018-DPT $10.00
018-DPT Set of 2 short passages with pits
6 inch long passage with moat and log 018-DWT $15.00
018-DWT 6 inch long passage with moat and log
018-DWT 6 inch long passage with moat and log
L-Shaped Passage with 4 Swinging Traps (Direction left) 018-E2L, DWA-018-E2L $15.00
018-E2L L shaped passage with 4 traps left
018-E2L with all trap pieces
L-Shaped Passage with 4 Swinging Traps (Direction right) 018-E2R, DWA-018-E2R $15.00
018-E2R L shaped passage with 4 traps right
Set of two 2" Walls with Pits 018-PTB $8.00
018-PTB Set of two 2 walls with pits
Set of 4 Floors with Pits 018-PTC $10.00
018-PTC Set of 4 floors with pits
Wooden Ramp with Stone Boulder 018-R $10.00
018-R Wooden Ramp with stone boulder
018-R Wooden Ramp with Stone Boulder
Assortment of 3 Swivelling & Slamming Walls 018-SLV
018-SLV box Assortment of 3 Swiveling and Slamming Walls
018-SVL Swiveling and Slamming Walls
Four Arrow Loop Walls 019-ARW, DWA-019-ARW
019-ARW box Set of 4 Arrow Loop Walls
019-ARW Arrow Loop Wall
Set of 4 Arrow Loop Passageway Traps 019-AWR2, DWA-019-AWR2
019-ARW2 Set of 4 arrowLoop Inserts
Falling Block Trap 019-DFB, DWA-019-DFB
019-DFB Falling Block Trap
Swinging Spiked Log Trap 019-DSW, DWA-019-DSW
019-DSW Swinging Spiked Log Trap
Two "5 Ton" Blocks (with chains) 019-FLB, DWA-019-DFB
019-FLB 2 - 5 ton blocks box
019-FLB Five Ton Block
Cavernous Passage Corner Conversion 020-CPCC $12.00
Set of 4 Cavernous Short Passages 020-CPD $16.00
6" Long Cavernous Passageway 020-CPD3 $10.00
L-Shaped Cavernous Passageway 020-CPE $12.00
020-CPE L-Shaped Cavernous Passage
Curved T-shaped Cavernous Passage with Chasm 020-CPF $12.00
020-CPF T-Shaped Cavern Pass with Chasm
Curved T-shaped Cavernous Passageway 020-CPFL $12.00
020-CPFL Curved T-Shaped Cavernous Passage
4-Way Cavernous Passage 020-CPG $15.00
020-CPG box 4-Way Cavernous Passage
020-CPG 4-Way Cavernous Passage
Curved Cavern Passageway 020-CPL $8.00
Twisted Cavernous Passage Conversion 020-CPS $12.00
Set of 4 Dead End Cavern Pieces 020-CPU $18.00
020 cpu
Rocks, Stalagmites & Mithril Silver Cluster 020-CPX $12.00
020-CPX Set of Rocks, Stalagmites and Mithril
020-CPX Rocks Stalagmites and Mitheril Clusters
Set of 4 Straight Cavernous Walls (Free Standing) 024-CRD2
024-CRD2 Straight Cavernous Walls
Set of 5 Curved Cavernous Walls (Free Standing) 024-CRE2
024-CRE2 Curved Cavernous River Walls
Cavernous Lake Set Bank 025-CLB
025-CLB box Cavernous Lake Set Bank
Cavernous Lake Set Open Water 025-CLW
025-CLW box Cavernous Lake Set Open Water
4" Open Water Set / 10 PCS 025-CLW/10
025-CLW Detail2 10 - 4 Inch Open Water
2 x 2 Wood Floor (set of 5) 026-MBC1
Set of 4 Moveable Shutters 028-SH
028-SH Moveable Shutters
Wide Attached Door MM022-H2
MM-022-H2 box Wide Attached Door
Realm of the Ancients Secret Medallion Passage MM-034-A
MM-034-A RotA Promo Piece Detail1
Realm of the Ancients Pillars MM-034-D
Realm of the Ancients 4 Inch Intersection with Inserts MM-034-GB
MM-034-GB Detail 4 inch intersection with inserts
Realm of the Ancients Entrance MM-035-A
Realm of the Ancients Hall MM-035-B
Realm of the Ancients Ruined Entrance MM-035-RE
MM-035-RE 3 RotA Ruined Entrance
Den of Evil: "V" Wall MM-036-HSB
MM-036HSB DoE V Wall
Den of Evil: Waved Wall MM-036HSE
MM-036HSE DOE Hellscape Waved Wall
Den of Evil: Teleporter MM-036-HST
MM-036HST DoE Teleporter
Monster Nest MM-037Q
MM-037Q Monster Nest
L.Pillar 1 Set MM-038-CO2
MM-038-CO2 Set of 2 Large Columns
Ice Cavern Snake MM-039-SN
MM-039-SN Ice snake
Den of Evil Corridor MM-043-B
6 Den of Evil Passage w/Inserts MM-043-D03
MM-043-D03 6 inch doe passage with inserts
Hellscape Gate MM-044-GA
MM-044-GA Hellscape Gate
Hellscape Plumes MM-044-PL
MM-044-PL Hellscape Plumes
Hellscape to Cavern Conversion MM-044-S
MM-044-S Hellscape to Cavern
Hellscape to DoE Conversion MM-044-S2
MM-044-S2 Hellscape to DOE
Hellscape Straight Wall with Stairs MM-044-T2
MM-0440T2 Hellscape Straight Wall with Stair
2" Catacomb Floor Pieces, Set of 5 MM-047-C, 047-C
MM-047C Set of 5 two inch catacomb floors
Catacombs Set 2 - Altar Set (2 pcs) MM-048-AS
MM-048AS Catacomb Set 2 Altar Set
Catacombs Set 2 - Corner Walls (8 pcs) MM-048-CWS
MM-048CWS Catacomb Set 2 Corner Walls - 8 Pieces
Catacombs Set 2 - 4" Catacomb Floor Tiles (4 pcs) MM-048-FTS
MM-048FTS Catacomb Set 2 Floors
Catacombs Set 2 - Tombs & Mummies (12 pcs) MM-048-TMS
MM-048TMS Catacomb Set 2 Tombs & Mummies
Catacombs Set 2 - 6" Lighted Wall (6 pcs) MM-048-WS
MM-048WS Catacomb Set 2 6 inch Lighted Walls
Set of 55 Bow Ties MM-BOW
MM-BOW Bow Ties Set of 55
Set of 100 Half Size Bow Ties MM-BOW-1/2
MM-BOW-Half-Half Size Bow Ties Set of 100
6" Long Sci-Fi Walls (2) SF-004-B3

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