Resin Cavern Sets Edit

In July, 2019 the water sets were back in the store. The reprints were packaged in brown boxes (the originals were in white) and the styrofoam packing was a little lighter weight and did not fit in the boxes tightly.... there were reports from users of the foam being destroyed during shipping, but the pieces themselves were fine.

Set Name SKU Original Price Image Year
Cavern Set MM-015 $119.00
MM015 Box Label Caverns
Cavern Set "B" (no bow ties) MM-015
Resin Cavern Set
Cavernous Passages Set MM-020 $109.00
MM-020 Box Cavernous Passages Set
Cavernous Passages Set "B" (no bow ties) MM-020
MM-020B Cavernous Passage Set
Cavernous River and Walls Set MM-024
Resin Cavernous River and Walls Set
Cavernous Lake Set MM-025
MM-025 Cavernous Lake Set
Cavernous Lake Expansion Set MM-031
MM-031 Cavernous Lake Expansion
Cavernous Chasm Set MM-032
Resin Cavernous Chasm Set
Ice Cavern Set MM-039
Resin Ice Cavern Set

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